from past concerts
Stolen Music
Song and Dance
Channel Surfing
State of Gambo
Second Presbyterian
from Stolen Music: October 2007

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
Not a Sonata (c. 1708)      
1) Adagio (HWV 383)
2) Allegro - Largo (HWV 380)
3) Adagio e staccato (from Esther, 1732)
4) Allegro (HWV 383)

from Song and Dance: January 2007

Le Sieur de Ste. Colombe (d. before 1700)
Tombeau les regrets    
5) Le retour

from Stolen Music

Béla Bartók (1881-1945)
Five pieces from
Violin Duos (1931) and For Children (1908)     
6) Rose Garden
7) White Lilies
8) Rondino
9) Song of the Vagabond
10) Pillow Dance

from State of Gambo: January 2009

Christopher Simpson (ca. 1605-1669)
11) Divisions on a Ground. G major

from Channel Surfing: November 2005

Marin Marais
From the first book of Pieces de Viole
12) Prelude

All tracks Copyright (c) Empire Viols
The venue
Empire Viols have been in
residence at Second Presbyterian
Church since 1998. Its sanctuary
provides an intimate and warm,
acoustically excellent setting. The
historic building retains its
austere nineteenth-century
Scottish heritage.
Second Presbyterian Church
Empire Viols
"Excellent" — The Wall Street Journal
Empire Viols
in concert

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